Hydrogen and Explosion Safety

We are an independent consulting company focusses on the field of Hydrogen and Exposion Safety Applications and cover safety from the initial phases of the project until hand-over to operations, including trainings of all staff.

Our projects

Our mission

to enable transition to renewable hydrogen by implementing and supporting safety requirements.

Our goal

to support the safety requirements in customers products, processes ans employees.

From 2015

INERC has built the unique experience and expertise over multiple projects in Hydrogen Safety supporting small and medium enterprises.


we provide our services within a wide variety of potential markets, ranging from production, transportation, storage and user applications.

Our clients

are from manufacturing and process industries, (business) services, goverments and international companies, educational and research institutions.


we are proudly to be a part of the Knowledge Center for Hydrogen Safety, Strategic partner of the International Centre for Hydrogen Safety (CHS), member of AIAA and NWBA.


Our team consist of a broad Hydrogen safety and explosion consultants, environmental specialists, scientists and certified engineers from Europe and USA. We assist you finding innovative solutions to safely implement in your projects.

Strategy and Fleasibility

  • Market analysis to help you understand the developing hydrogen market and determine the potential of hydrogen technology in your niche

  • Research in energy policy and the associated support tools

  • Assessment of the costs of hydrogen applications, including operational costs, fuel supply, storage and use and the energy and environmental impacts

  • Undertaking feasibility studies (including technical and safety analyses of your proposed plans) and selection of sites based upon : Explosion zoning and hazardous area classification according to ATEX

  • Process safety data analytics, Process Safety Management System and Technical Safety Due Diligence

Engineering and Development

  • Safety Assessment of the Process flow diagram (PFD) and PI&D’s Equipment datasheets and specifications

  • Assess the environmental performance though Life Cycle Assessment

  • Research and evaluation of Explosion risks

Manufacturer and User consultation

  • Technical Dossier Compliance, PED, Machine Safety, ATEX and gap analysis

  • Risk assessment via HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, BowTie, QRA HYRAM™

  • Physical Effects Assessment for Gas plume and Explosion simulation via: HYRAM™, BST method and CFD

  • Implementation of Risk Mitigations (incl. Hydrogen Gas Leak detection)


INERC provides online and customized on-site theoretical and practical courses and trainings in area of Hydrogen Safety.

Tailored to the customer`s needs our experts create a program to maintain, improve and broaden awareness, knowledge and skills of the employees in Hydrogen Safety.

A few examples of training activities are:

  • Hydrogen Risk Awareness Theoretical

  • Hydrogen Risk Awareness Practical

  • Hydrogen safety within ATEX framework
  • Emergency Readiness and Assurance for Hydrogen Introduction
  • Commissioning and Start Up training for Hydrogen Facilities
  • Operations Readiness Assurance training for Hydrogen Facilities
  • Gas Leak Detection Training for Hydrogen Facilities


Maritime Drone Project

Collaboration with governmental institutions and international organizations

Mobile Scalable Hydrogen Fuel Application

From Market scan to Product CE Assessment

EnTranCe Hydrohub

Physical Effects Assessment

Hydrogen Transportation suitcase

Research and advice on design, safety test and conclusions on safety for Hydrogen transportation

Safety Assessment of the application of Catalytic Hydrogen sensors

Research and experimental study on safety aspects